Thursday, June 19, 2008

Testimoni From Malaysia

muhzan-kota bharu - Perdana V6 2.0 (A)
mula2 x caya gak tp bila dah pakai minyak makin jimat dan pickup makin best. Harga mmg murah berbanding dgn produk lain.

taza-nilai-Wira 1.5 (A)
Penjimatan mmg terasa dgn penggunaan Turbomag.Setiap hari bekerja saya bertolak dari Kota Seriemas Nilai ke FINAS Ulu Klang. Kalu biasa 450km utk full tank skrg 550++km. Disyorkan kpd sesiapa yg inginkan penjimatan

ida-kl-Iswara 1.3 (M)
MMg jimat.Terbukti berkesan

Along-Sintok-Kancil 850 (A)
Sememangnya pakai kancil dah jimat tp dgn pakai turbomag ni tambah2 lagi jimatnya..lom cuba lom tau dah cuba baru tau.

Hashim-Sandakan-Unser 1.8 (M)
Utk Unser saya dah terbukti ada penjimatan. Terima Kasih krn syorkan Turbomag ini

Azli-Changlon-Nazaria 2.5 (A)
MPV saya makin pickup dan saya dpt jimatkan minyak hingga 25%.

Mustaffa-KB-Accord 2.0 (M)
Turbomag mmg terbukti berkesan menjimatkan kereta saya.

Hazudin-KB-Avanza 1.5 (A)
walaupun kecil tp kuasa yg ada pd turbomag menjimatkan minyak kereta saya.

Muhammad-KB-WAja 1.6(A)
sblm ni saya ada gunakan produk lain yg harga lebih mahal tp dgn turbomag dgn harga yg murah hasilnya begitu memberangsangkan.

Fairuz-KL-Wira 1.5 (A)
mmg best pakai turbomag.cubala kalu nak tau perbezaannya.

Bhaker-KL-Civiv Ferio 1.6 (M)
makin bertambah pickup dan jimat minyak.tq

Khairul-KL-Kelisa 1.0 (M)
fully recommended to others!!!

Ina-Nilai-MyVI (A)
mmg ada penjimatan.cubala

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Turbomag is the only magnetic fuel saving device that does the following; Optimizes fuel economy and horse power while being compact enough to accommodate all the twists, turns and tight areas of the gas line, unlike other much bulkier devises. Turbomag is built with neodymium conductor magnet which contains more magnetic power, spread over a much longer area, thus maximizes the effect. All at the same time being one of the most inexpensive Gas Saving Devices of its kind on the market.

Installing Turbomag

1. Locate the fuel supply line under pressure feeding the engine from the fuel tank. Vehicles with fuel injection engines normally have two lines running parallel between the fuel tank and the engine, a supply line and a return line. While the engine is running, feel the lines and the colder one of the two will be the supply line.

2. Insert the nylon tie through the grooves that have the tie retainer slot. This is to help hold the tie in position while applying the Turbomag to the fuel line.

3. Simply place the Turbomag over the fuel supply line, at the accessible location as close to the carburetor or fuel injection system as possible. However do not install the Turbomag in close proximity to the alternator or any electromagnetic energy source. Installation on a metal line has given the best performance. In some cases there has been somewhat less effectiveness on plastic and rubber. We believe better radiation can be achieved through the metal; while we have had good positive results on all materials, if you can, choose a metal fuel line even if it is a connector before the carburetor etc. Do not install the device on braided metal fuel line. This should be replaced for base metal, rubber or plastic fuel pipe.

4. Align the Turbomag halves so as the side grooves are alike. Complete installation by wrapping the tie completely around the Turbomag making sure the tie fits into the side grooves. Trim off the excess tie. Check again whether the halves are vertically as well as horizontally alike.

Due to the cleaning and removal process of the carbon/varnish deposits inside the cylinders, the fuel consumption may temporarily increase during the initial cleaning cycle. Mileage will stabilize after a short time. Noticeable improvement may take up to four tanks of fuel and, for optimum results to be achieved, please allow 1,000 miles or 3 full tanks of gas. A clean air filter, or a measure of carburetor or injector cleaner mixed in the fuel will also help to give faster results and regular servicing is obviously still necessary. Increased performance and smoother running will often also be noticed.

Testimonials from USA

"Here is my testimonial about this turbo mag product I saw, at first I didn't believe that this little magnet would work and thought that it was just another little scam that makes people think it works. I also thought about buying my own magnets and save a few dollars in my wallet. Well first of all I'm wrong, and I'm glad i spent the money on this product, it's one of the easiest and most reliable things you can do for your vehicle. I didn't believe this would work but after I purchased it I installed it right away, install took me less than 5 minutes, all you have to do is zip tie it to your fuel line, well after about a tank I refilled and started driving as I'm in the military I travel home from base on weekends to see my family as much as possible before my iraq deployment, well all I can say is that I normally use a tank and a half and surprisingly it only took me one tank and a quater to get home!! I couldn't believe it I was like wow this little magnet works, and don't think you can get this anywhere else because these magnets are so strong it gave me some difficulty to remove them apart because they are that strong! I was so convinced I actually ordered 2 more turbo mags and have 3 total on my vehicle, I have noticed gas consumption on my vehicle is less consuming, and believe it or not it only took me a tank to get back to base! It's amazing how 3 little turbo mag magnets saved me 1/2 a tank of gas!! This is great for troops trying to travel long distances on/off base! Thanks for saving troops money turbo mag! I am very satisfied and want to spread the word -Phillip Z. U.S. Marine Corps.

"Dear Sir, Here is my testimonial. Since having installed the turbomag on a 95 Geo Tracker with slightly larger tires, I have recieved gains of approximatly 3 gallons per mile!!! Roughly 22mpg to 25mpg "WOW"!!! I installed Four Turbomags directly onto the fuel intake in front of the injectors, This process was so easy my dog (an Australian red Healer)could have done it. She is pretty smart though... The most remarkable thing is that now when I check my oil it is nice and golden brown at three thousand miles not black like it used to be. So I want to say thank you for a great product and any other vehicle I purchase I will absolutly install as many Turbomags on the fuel intake as possible!!!

SGT Roland Bray
U.S. Army FT. Lewis Wa.

I just bought the turbomag and installed it on my 06 Jeep Wrangler before i went on a 1800 mile trip. By the 5 th tank of gas I went from 16 mpg to 18 and it just got better from there. I am now up to 19 mpg and hopefully it will continue to climb. Thanks for the great deal!!!

“I was actually pleased, the Magnet is Small but POWERFUL ( It pinched my finger lol) yet also was not some cheap dollar store magnet~ Its real Turbomag logo and form fitted plastic case is well worth it. It looks cool under the hood and everbody wants to know what it is ~”.

J. P Skrceski, Lynwood, IL

“I've seen a horse power increase of at least 5-6 horses. I've seen a fuel savings already $10, and I've only had it a week now. Turbo mag is a defininet must have for your car! This is a great product!!!
Javier, Kingwood, TX

“I have recently purchased several Turbomags for a few of my family cars. i drive a 2005 Ford Mustang & a 1992 Acura Legend and i have seen improvements on both cars, I'm really noticing the MPG I'm getting now with the Turbomag and even a HP increase. The Turbomag was so easy to install I had my little sister install it on my Acura and she had no problems, she's 12. I've just bought another Turbomag for my parents as a gift, so they to can enjoy what Turbomag has to offer. Turbomag is really going to save me on gas money this year.

T.J. Wallace, West Chester, PA

"I was so happy that I was able to order more than one Turbomag. Thank you for helping me with my order. You have a great product. I bought some for my whole family. I put them on my Honda, my brother's Acura, my sister's Saturn, and my mother's van. Thank you also for sending me information about becoming a Turbomag distributor. I am really considering it."

Jordan Lawson, Fort Collins, Co

"I recently purchased a Turbomag, and am already impressed by the immediate difference both in power and gas consumption. Recommend to anyone who wants a lil more boost or anyone who can't stand the redicoulus gas prices.... WELL WORTH ITS COST!!!
Pedro Martinez,
Van Nuys, CA

"your product really worked great. i gained about 2-3 extra mpg. for only $10 i sure saved more than $10 on gas. i already recommended to tons of my friends. not sure if they wanted to get it but i hope so".
Richard Her, Sacramento, CA

"I Got my turbomag and it is great and it works unlike all of those other gas savers that you find on the internet, so i reccomend the Turbo Mag 100%"
Michael Moran, Douglasville, GA

"Hey, at first I think it would help, but I gave it a shot. Imediately when ZI put it on I notsiced a difference in just the way my engine sounded. (I thought I installed it wrong, but I know I didn't). I only noticed about a three mpg increase at first; then I drove on the highway and it increased my gas mileage by 8 mpg(8.2 mpg calculated).
Stephen Cheatwood,
Lawrenceville, GA

"I am truely impress how this little gadget really works. I can feel the HP increase and the saving of gas already. This is a very nice product, small and yet effective. I would recommend anyone who is trying to save gas by getting better MPG and need/wouldn't mind the extra horses. This is a must have for the buck".
Will H. from
San Gabriel, CA

"Turbomag installed on 97 ford explorer 4.0 sohc with K&N fuel injection performance kit gen II. Before Turbomag city mileage: 241.4 miles on 13.9 gallons = 17.36 mpg. After Turbomag install: 270.2 miles on 13.372 gallons = 20.2mpg. Thats an increase of 2.84 mpg (a 16.359% increase). The install wasnt all that easy do to the lack of space around the fuel line near the injectors on this specific application but was well worth the trouble considering it saves me about 121.48 gallons a year ($300 @ the current price of $2.47 a gallon lowest its been in 2 years) thanks for the great product."
Ryan Mccandless,
Reno, NV 89502

"This product definitely works! The installation is a bit tricky with my 1997
Boneville, as mostly it's plastic/rubber going into two metal fuel rails. The first two injectors are straight off the fuel rail, so it can't be connected to the metal. I installed it on the plastic fuel line before the fuel rail. My average MPG for the last 30,000 miles was 28.725(Freeway only miles) I use a separate vehicle for city. After installing 1 Turbomag and running through 2 tanks of gas, 30.585 MPG=6.475% increases! I'm sure it will increase even more in the next 500 miles or so. My average is around 30,000 miles a year, so any increase will save me $$$$. I'm extremely impressed with the Turbomag product and would like to add another one to my vehicle. Thanks a bunch!
Brian Simpson, Warren, MI 48088-4842

"I have been to many sites and seen some similar products, I have recently decided to do modifications to my 1991 Honda Accord. I have been all over eBay looking at thousands of different gas savers and mods. I read up it, looked at the sellers feedback, and though I should give this a try. I have never been able to receive anything on eBay in just three short days including the day I payed for the TurboMag. I was very eager to see some sort of results, so I thought of every reason why I should drive my car. It has been three gas tanks and I can't believe the results. Very noticeable Hp gain, and I now find myself wondering will I ever run out of gas. The TurboMag has done exactly what it said it would and more. If you need a true product and a true seller to provide exactly what you need and then some You Have Found It.......
Tacoma, WA

I put it on my 1993 Bonneville SSEI and saw great improvement in my gas mileage, I drive on an average of 2 1/2 hours a day and originally got 19 mpg, after installing the Turbo Magnet I saw an increase in 4 mpg now I?m up to 23mpg and I love it. With the price of gas these days its worth installing on your vehicle.

Great product. Real deal savings at the pump after 2 weeks. So much so I have purchased more for my family's cars. Thanks, Mauney 204.

I must admit I was surprise that turbomag actually works. I can feel the difference in the driving performance right after installations. Thanks and I am recommending it to some of my coworkers.

You were right! This nifty little addition does improve the performance and
gas mileage. I'm pleased as to the noticeable differnce how my Charger
performs. Thank you...!



I've noticed clearly an improvement of the consumptions on my Nissan Primera 2.2 TDI Acenta. That is confirmed from edge computer that marks it in city (ROME) with intense traffic one medium of 7.6L/100km when before it was 8.4L/100km. Less instead in freeway with 4.9L/100km against the previous ones 5.4L/100km. Thanks
Fabrizio, Italy


Untreated Fuel molecules tend to “clump” together due to attraction between molecules with charges of opposite polarities. This causes an inefficient burn. As a result, your engine experiences loss of power, lower gas mileage and lots of carbon build-up. Turbomag’s powerful magnetic field causes these “clumps” of fuel molecules to be charged with a single polarity, thus they repel each other making the fuel disperse more efficiently causing more complete combustion and power production. Turbomag will actually remove the existing carbon build-up in your engine - this usually takes an average of 3 tanks full of gas, followed by a dramatic increase in gas mileage and horsepower.

Benefits from using Turbomag

1. Up to 30% Increase in Engine Life
2. Up to 50% Reduction in Carbon monoxide and Hydrocarbon
3. Up to 10% to 22% Fuel Savings
4. Does NOT void vehicle warranty
5. Works on all vehicle including diesel
6. Save Up to $500 to $1,500 a Year and more

7. No cutting of the fuel line
8. Up to 10 Horse Power Increase
9. 0% Maintenance for Life
10. Less Than 5 Minute to Install

Guaranteed Result!